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Practicing what I preach

Posted on 6 February, 2020 at 23:35

 Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I sometimes forget to respect myself. I forget to celebrate achievements; I wallow in frustrations and bring myself down.  Rather than celebrate the great contract I've just received or the project I'm working on, I obsess about the phone call I'm waiting for.

Rather than feeling awesome after the long walk I went on before work and the healthy eating I've been doing all week, I beat myself up for the jar of peanut butter I've snacked on ALL afternoon.

I also don't always respect my family, to respect someone is to value them and to not judge and some days I'm just not great at this. I make sarcastic comments, I groan and talk about them behind their back.

To respect someone is to listen to them and accept their individuality, I don't always listen and at times I have disrespected workmates and taken friends for granted.

Wow, I can be disrespectful!

I wish that respect was something once gained and never lost.

I wish that respect (both self-respect and for others) was always easy no matter what mood we might be in.


Respect is not difficult or unattainable, no-one is incapable of giving and receiving respect. We are human and sometimes we need reminders for the little things, showing respect is easy but in our haste to get things done we occasionally put the easy things aside. Respect and kindness are so easy to demonstrate but sometimes they require a little conscious effort.  Just as important as the need to praise ourselves when we achieve great results or do something well, is the need to notice when we could have chosen our words or our tone better.

When I give respect, I am happy, when I receive respect, I am happy and confident and when I am in a respectful environment I thrive.

Respect at Work training looks at your workplace, unpacks respect and provides simple reminders to your staff.

Please get in touch if your workplace could benefit from some more respect and kindness


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